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DotAsia Domain Auctions (Under Sunrise and LandRush)

The following details are provided as an update on the .ASIA Domain Auction process. Please note that the data in the below reports are not real-time and may not reflect current data. Please refer to the auctions ticker above for live auctions data. All dates are UTC.

2008.08.22 -- All scheduled Sunrise and LandRush auctions have been completed. Please refer to the lists below for auctions schedule and results.

2008.09.08 -- Re-Auctions for Abandoned Auctions commence. Please see the 'Current Auctions' table below for domains currently being Re-Auctioned. This text file provides all .Asia auctions schedules including upcoming Re-Auctions.

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Auctions Schedule by Month
Month View/Download
January 2008 pdf
February 2008 pdf
March 2008 pdf
April 2008 pdf
May 2008 pdf
June 2008 pdf
July 2008 pdf
Full Auctions schedule (Zipped CSV) txt
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